Healthy at any age



Osteopathy and Osteomyology are drug-free, non-surgical approaches to healing and wellness.

They restore health and prevent injury by improving the structural integrity of the body, primarily the spine. The brain communicates with the rest of the body via the spinal cord and nervous system. When functioning perfectly, this communication is uninterrupted, and the messages go to and from the brain without interference.

Osteopathy and Osteomyology focus on the relationship of structure and function (as coordinated by the nervous system), and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of your health. Our qualified therapists are professional practitioners, delivering long-term care.

In addition to skeletal adjustments, services such as preventive health care, massage and rehabilitative exercise will help you recover optimum health and peak performance without drugs. We will demonstrate how best to care for your back, neck and other extremities to prevent further pain.

Most private insurance cover includes Osteopathy treatment. If you're paying for yourself, we'll find a treatment plan that fits your budget. We work with all of our patients to provide the best possible value for their money.



As explained by the Counselling Directory, "Counselling falls under the umbrella term ‘talking therapies’ and allows people to discuss their problems and any difficult feelings they encounter." The term can mean different things to different people, but in general, it is a process people seek when they want to change something in their lives, or simply explore their thoughts and feelings in more depth.

Amanda, our BACP qualified counsellor and supervisor, uses an integrative approach to treatment. This allows the use of different types of talking therapy to suit the clients needs (eg. CBT).

The Welling Clinic offers a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to explore and work through any difficulties you may be feeling including; anxiety, depression, stress, bereavement, relationships, low self-esteem and CSA (child sexual abuse).

Taking the first step can be hard, but please feel free to make contact so we can support you with the challenges you are facing.

Amanda can be contacted through the clinic or directly reached on 0794144915